Happy belated 1st Birthday ExempliFire!!

Sorry we haven't posted a blog in a while, we've been so busy :-)

Things have been manic to say the least! A lot has happened in our first year and I'd like to take the time to just sit back and reflect on everything we have achieved in the last year (and a bit).

We have been working tirelessly to grow the business with our great customers to deliver the very best possible service in all areas of fire safety. This is what excites us most and makes us stronger as a company- we are working daily with some of the best in the residential Block Management business and for that we are grateful!

We have taken on a new employee, Ben is responsible for carrying out maintenance and looking after our aforementioned customer base while providing the customer service that ExempliFire is known for.

Thanks for your ongoing support and here's to the next year!

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